Stranded with Dead Car BatteryIf you have had the experience of being stranded in the middle of nowhere after your car battery died, the benefits of having a jump starter in your vehicle will practically be self evident. For people who forget to turn off the vehicle headlights, interior lights or even other electrical devices during the night, face a good chance of having to deal with a dead battery in the morning. Most drivers would try to implement the use of good old jumper cables. But the downside of this is that you need to find another driver who is willing to give you a jump start to help get the flat battery up and running again.

There is no way to tell when your battery is going to go dead, but precautionary measures can be put in place in the form of a jump starter (also referred to as a battery booster charger). Having one of these in your trunk is as good as having another car that has live battery along with you.

Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL 900 Peak Amp portable 12V Jump Starter with LightJump starters are essentially heavy duty rechargeable batteries that come with with jumper cables to attach to any dead car battery that needs a powerful jolt to coax it back into life. When you have the jump starter along with you, all that needs to be done is to get the cables hooked up to start the vehicle.

Jump Starters are generally compact pieces of equipment that can be carried with ease. As such, they can be stored in the garage and just as easily carried in the trunk of the car, which is going to be more practical when needed and offer much needed peace of mind when you’re on a long haul.

Jump starters come in many shapes & sizes and encompass many models that are engineered and produced by several household names from the world of power tools (Clore, Xantrex, Waga, Duracell to name but a few…). Some offer 12 volts and other 24 volts. There are units that come with voltage inverters to power portable devices and other units that incorporate flash lights, air compressors, radio and more. Kind of like the Swiss Army Knife of the battery world – one device with multiple functions!

Other functions to look for in your jumpstarter include:

  • LED battery power indicator
  • Cranking Power rated in AMPs (usually between 300 – 500 amps)
  • Peak AMP rating
  • Reverse Polarity audio alarm
  • Color coded cables and clamps
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery Evaluation

The choice is yours – take the risk of not carrying or owning a jump starter, or spend a few hundred bucks and laugh at what fate throws at you whne you find your battery flat on a cold winter morning. I know which option I prefer. I’m not a big fan of calling a friend to jump my car or waiting for AAA to come and give me a jump start, I have my own jump starter with me everywhere I go.