Learn How to Start your Car with a Jump Starter

Automotive batteries supply the power needed to start a car’s engine. Most car batteries are lead-acid-based and cab be recharged by an alternator during the car’s operation. If an alternator fails to charge a battery during use, the car will not start. Leaving lights or accessories Jump Starteron when the engine is off can also drain a car’s battery. Portable Jump Starter can recharge a drained battery, allowing the vehicle to start and be driven again. A Jump Starter can take several minutes before a car battery will have enough juice to start the car, depending on how much the battery was drained.


  1. Shift the vehicle into park and apply the parking brake. Remove the key from the car’s ignition and turn all accessories off. Locate the positive terminal on the car’s battery, it is usually marked with a red or yellow plus sign.
  2. Locate an electrical ground on the car (or find bare metal surface). Some vehicles have labeled ground terminals for this purpose, though most will not. Any unpainted surface that is connected — even indirectly — to the car’s frame will serve as a ground. The front fender is commonly used.
  3. Set the jump starter on a level surface, preferably on the ground by the vehicle. If the jump starter’s cables won’t reach the car’s battery from the ground, set it on a level surface under the hood away from any moving parts. Make sure that the car’s belts and fan blades are not touching the charger or its cables.
  4. Connect the positive clamp of the jump starter to the positive battery terminal on the car. Connect the ground clamp to a grounding point on the car. Turn the jump starter on and wait for it to charge the cars battery. Try to start the car every few minutes until it is able to start.
  5. Remove the ground clamp from the vehicle, and then remove the positive clamp from the battery.
  6. Leave car run for a couple minutes while you put away the jump starter and then you should be good to drive away.

Jump Starter Tip

Do not touch the jump starter’s clamps together when the jump starter is on. This can cause sparks or even battery explosion.

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