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Battery BoosterBring on the power! With a high performance battery and up to 1500 Peak Amps, this is the Booster Pac for professionals who need serious starting power. Multiple jumps between charges and 43″ cables make the battery booster as convenient as it is powerful.

Every garage should have a Portable Battery Charger Booster PAC ES5000 inside… you just never know when you will need it. Don’t be late for work or your child’s soccer game when your car battery is dead… a small investment will come in handy in an emergency situation like this. Battery Booster | Jump Starter

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Welcome to the Jump Start Battery Charger website. If you have found your way here looking for information on the best jump starter that money can buy then you are in the right place.

The reason that I put this website together is because there does not seem to be a definitive resource for jump starters on the web.

You are probably in the situation now where you have left your headlights on or you haven’t shut the car door properly and the battery has drained right down to the point of no return! It can be a real pain and normally you have to make do with the call out charges to get this fixed by calling up an automobile rescue service or wait for a friend or relative to come with their car and give you a jump start.

Or worst still if the battery suddenly dies on you when you are in the middle of nowhere or if you do not have cover for an automobile rescue service then this can be dangerous!

Well this is exactly where jump starters come in and give you an easy solution to power the car battery and not have to worry about being stranded.

The problem is that there are so many different car jump starters that it can be hard to know where to start with this.

Obviously they range greatly in price and the power that they deliver, so you can find something to power up the battery on a little run around and also a HUGE truck it is all here! has reviewed many of the top jump starters and taken into account:

  • The first thing that we have taken into account with a jump starter is ease of use and customer feedback. This after all is the most important thing don’t you think?If people are finding the product hard to use, confusing or it plain does not do what it claims it will NOT get mentioned on the site!

    We have kept the scoring simple… 1 to 5 Star Rating with 5 being the best rating.

  • The next thing we looked at is the best jump starters and the power it gives you and you will see the Jump N Carry JNC300XL is one of the top picks with a whopping 5 star rating in this department as it managed to start a V8 engine and it is only compact but it sure does pack a punch!If you are looking for a compact but powerful jump starter than the Jump N Carry JNC300XL gets top marks!
  • Last after everything else is taken into consideration, the price is what we look at and again you will be surprised at the Jump N Carry JNC300XL Jump Starter because it does not let down on price either!The listing price for this jump starter is actually closer to $128 but we found somewhere we think you might now where you can get this jump starter for just $60.84 – you can see that price HERE.

Thanks for visiting – I hope you find this site helpfyul and informative when deciding which Jump Start Battery Charger you will purchase.

The main thing to bear in mind is that we only review what customers are giving the thumbs up to get the real “voice” of the product.

Here are some reviews of our top pick:

Nice, Compact, Works


We purchased the JNC300XL about a year ago to power a camera system we were developing for a truck. We needed 12Vdc vehicle power while in the lab and in the field for testing off the vehicle. It charges quickly, holds a charge for months and is light and compact. Last summer my wife called to say she was first in a left turn lane on a busy expressway and her car stalled and would not start. I grabbed to JNC300XL where it had set for months without a charge and off I went. Read the rest of the review…

Jump N Carry Jump starter

Gary London,

I already had a JNC 660 for my truck and wanted to put smaller units in each of our cars. I bought 3 of these, then 2 more for Christmas gifts. They are easy to use and much more dependable than the cheap imports with lots of whistles and bells…. I prefer the larger unit for my dodge 1500 with a V-8 (I’ve jumped it 5 or 6 times between charges without a problem… electrical trouble…) Read the rest of this review…

Used 5 times before I found my problem…

GREAT PRODUCT! For the price.
I spent 2-3 hours on-line looking for what I needed. A Battery Jumper: 1) not too much money, 2)would help me start my car immediately…This accomplished both needs. This is the cheapest, most reliant item. Ignore the Black&Decker item. I read too many bad reviews. Read the rest of the review…